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Jipmer Alumni Association  (JAA) is a registered society in India. JAA is governed by JAA Constitution. The association is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purpose within the meaning of The Society Registration Act, India.

Our Story

The JIPMER Alumni Association (JAA) is the oldest alumni organization of Jipmerites and is located at the alma mater at Pondicherry. Among its activities is the Alumni Day that is held at the Institute on the first Sunday of August every year.

The JIPMER Alumni Association (JAA) had its origins in the JIPMER Students’ Association (JSA). In 1971, a section was formed in the JSA called the Old Students’ Association. Almost a decade later, the Old Students’ Association split off from the JSA to become the JAA in 1978.

Dr N N Asokan (1956 batch) first thought of starting an Alumni association in 1962 – 63, but it did not take off. Many years later in 1977 Miss A P Sharadha, Lecturer in English at JIPMER, Dr K Sankaran (1956 batch), Professor of Medicine and Dr Asha Oumachigui (1961 batch), Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology initiated the idea of forming an independent JAA. 

In 1978, the Old Students’ Association formally split off from the JIPMER Students’ Association and became the JAA. The first meeting of the JAA was held in 1978 in Pasteur Theater followed by a General Body meeting, entertainment and dinner in Versalius square. Dr K Sankaran gave a talk in French with the help of his classmate Dr D Carounanidy (1956 batch).

Dr K Sankaran became the first president of the JAA. The other office bearers were Dr Asha Oumachigui (Secretary) and Dr S S Kumar (1969 batch, Editor). It was decided to have the annual alumni meeting on the second Saturday of September every year so that it would be convenient for people abroad to attend. Today, the JAA holds the annual alumni meet on the first Sunday of August every year.

What We Do


JAA hosts annual meeting the first weekend of August each year. The annual meet brings together Jipmerites from all over the world for a weekend of nostalgia, relaxation and fun.


The JAA helps various batches in the conduct of their reunion meetings. Every year, golden jubilee and silver jubilee batch reunions are held around JAA annual meeting


The JAA has instituted several prizes and awards for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr. Gita Rajagopalan Prize is awarded every year to the best overall individual performer among MBBS students of JIPMER in cultural events in a given year.


The JIPMER Scientific Society holds three Annual Orations during the course of each year the Annual Guest Oration, the Annual Faculty Oration, and the Annual Alumni Oration. The JAA nominates the speaker for the Annual Alumni Oration.


The constitution of the J.A.A. was drafted and approved at the 2nd G.B.
meeting of the Association in 1979.  

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